Experiential tourism in Peru

Participating in comunal activities implies learning about the communal organizational system and assimilating ancestral techniques and customs, now being recovered. In Huaraz (Ancash), for example, the Llama Trek rescues the use of llamas as pack animals to cross the White Mountain Range and reach the old temple of Chavin.

On the Titicaca Islands (Puno) and Cuzco’s Sacred Valley communities, visitors participate in agricultural works that still use successful Inca irrigation and farming techniques such as terracing, besides participating in textile crafts and religious expressions. In Porcón (Cajamarca) and the Austro-German colonies of Pozuzo, Oxapampa and Villa Rica (Pasco), it is also very interesting to share forestry and farm working experiences.

Cajamarca: Porcón Farm
Ancash: Olleros – Chavín Llama Pack Trek
Pasco: Villa Rica, Oxapampa and Pozuzo Settlements
Cusco: Sacred Valley Communities and Raqchi
Puno: Titicaca Islands (Taquile, Amantaní, Suasi and Anapia) and Llachón