Other festivities in February – Peru

Chachapoyan Carnival – February – March
Province of Chachapoyas, Amazonas
It is a mixture of Celendinas and Chachapoyan customs. It is celebrated with the planting of “Humishas”, large trees decorated with balloons, streamers, clothing, and other objects. In addition, there is a float contest, a carnival queen election, social and popular dancing, and games with water, streamers, and colors.

Carnival of Abancay and Apurimac / February – March
The entire department, Apurimac
During the celebrations, the Pandillas (folklore groups) show their colorful costumes and dance to the music. The carnival also features ceremonies in honor of the Pachamama (Mother Earth), the “Corte de la Yunsa” (the chooping of a tree full of presents to the rhythm of the music), and the Carnival of Tica-Pallana or flowers picking

Carnival Festival of Camaná / February or March (fluctuates)
Province of Camaná, District of San José, Arequipa
The guachanacos (masked riders) ride through the city streets three days before, inviting the population to join the carnival festivities. The “yunsa” or “cortamonte” festivity happens on the main day of the celebration. On that day, you can enjoy the wonderful dishes of this place.

Ayacucho Carnival / February – March
The entire department.Ayacucho
For three days, enjoy the parade composed of marchers wearing traditional dress, regional music, food testing like the traditional puchero and chicha de jora.

Cajamarca Carnival / February – March (variable)
Province of Cajamarca, District of Cajamarca and its surrounding areas. Cajamarca
This is one of the most important celebrations in the department. Every neighborhood prepares itself for different contests like dance and music. The people organize a parade and accompany the Momo King, while other groups simultaneously dance and sing, spreading joy through the streets. The nights are the time to crown queens, to see popular dancing, and to taste traditional food and drink. This celebration lasts for one month with eight main days.

Negro Summer Festival / February
Province of Chincha, District of El Carmen Ica
This is an Afro-Peruvian dance contest. There are also craft, wine and food fairs as well as main street parades.

Huanchaco Carnival / February
Province of Trujillo, District of Huanchaco La Libertad
The Huanchaco Carnival originated at the beginning of the twentieth century, inspired by the Venice Carnival. The tradition was updated twenty years ago, and today the celebration includes the election of the Carnival Queen, floats, parades, people in costumes, carnival dances, and contests.

Toqto Fights / 2nd February
Province of Chumbivilcas, District of Livitaca (Toctopata) Cusco
These take place in Toqto, a town located between the Districts of Yanaoca and Livitaca. The fights last three days and represent the past when the people fought to receive more land. On the first day, people settle down in the place; the second day, one-on-one fights begin, and later, groups of five to ten men are formed. After eating and drinking, everyone fights on the third day, and when the games end, the wounded are taken care of and the communities perform the qhaswa (a party for both winners and losers)

Madre de Dios Carnival / February (variable date)
The entire department Madre de Dios
There are parades that move along the main streets of the city, marching contests, a beauty queen contest, and the election of Miss Manguare and King Momo.

Ucayali Carnival – February – March
Province of Coronel Portillo, Districts of Calleria and Yarinacocha Ucayali
There are dance contests around the humisha or cortamonte. A carnival queen is chosen, and there is a parade with traditional marching contests and floats.

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