Pasco: Villa Rica, Oxapampa and Pozuzo Settlements

Founded by Austrian and German settlers in 1857 in a tropical region of Peru, the province of Oxapampa is a unique ethnic and cultural melting pot. After countless adventures and much suffering, the settlers finally adapted to the jungle environment through hard work and disciplined effort.

Their cheerfulness and hospitality are now evident in festivities like Settler’s Day (June 26) when Pozuzo residents recall the dances and music of their Tirol ancestors.

Oxapampa is the point of departure to reach the Yanachaga – Chemillén National Park. In Pozuzo, descendants of the Tirolese and Prussian settlers welcome visitors to share their coffee and other farming chores. Also worth visiting are the beautiful herbariums and orchid nurseries.

In Villa Rica travelers may visit the cigar, cheese and cold meats factories.

Pasco Region. Villa Rica (350 masl / 1148 fasl), Oxapampa (814 masl / 2671 fasl) and Pozuzo (905 masl / 2969 fasl), in Oxapampa.

Tropical, warm and humid.
Average temperature: 24°C (75°F).

May to October.

By road: Along the Lima – La Oroya – La Merced –
Oxapampa – Pozuzo road.
Lima to Oxapampa: 385 km / 239 miles, in 8 h.
Lima to Pozuzo: 475 km / 295 miles, in 12 h.
Lima to Villa Rica: 365 km / 227 miles, in 7:30 h.