Ancash: Olleros – Chavin Llama Pack Trek

A thrilling high altitude trekking adventure (37 km / 23 miles) along a pre-Inca pilgrimage path. The trip starts with a llama pack at the Olleros village, and continues round scenic sites in the National Huascarán Park before arriving at Chavín (3140 masl / 10302 fasl) one of the oldest archeological sites in the Americas.

Nights at Andean communities to pay tribute to the Earth, share with their traditions, music, cottage industries and typical foods. Contact a Huaraz tour operator for indispensable arrangements.

Ancash Region. Provinces of Huaraz and Wari (3091 and 3150 masl / 10141 and 10335 fasl).
Departure: Olleros (3450 masl / 11319 fasl).

Moderately cold and dry.
Average temperature: maximum 24°C (75ºF) and minimum 7°C (45ºF).

May to October.

By road: Lima – Huaraz (400 km / 249 miles, 8 h).
To Olleros: Huaraz – Recuay – Cátac, 30 km / 19 miles south of Huaraz, 30 min by car.