Marinera Festival in Trujillo, La Libertad

The Mansiche Arena in Trujillo is the stage for the National Marinera Contest, the most elegant by couples dance in Peru. Different categories and choreographic styles are judged. Both dancers swirl while waving a white kerchief and executing a number of characteristic steps. The made dancer wears a poncho and a hat, and if riding horse back, he does so on a Peruvian Paso horse. His lady wears a beautiful typical regional dress.

La Libertad Region
January / February

Location: city of Trujillo (34 masl / 112 fasl).
Climate: mild and warm.
Average temperature: 19ºC (66ºF).

By plane: daily flights from Lima to Trujillo (1 h).
By road: 560 km / 348 miles (8 h) from Lima through the North pan-American Highway.

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