Other festivities in January – Peru

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Niño Callaorcarpino and Jacobo – December 31th – January 2nd
This festival is a massive pilgrimage to Chaccllatacana located 4 kilometers from Huancavelica. Among the festival activities are the dance of the negritos, a bull fight in the Andean style of an open ring, and the farewell cortamonte (tree decorated with gifts and fruits and while dancing the tree is cut), that ends the celebration.

Festival of the Negritos / 24th December– 19th January
Province of Huanuco . Huánuco
This festival commemorates a historical fact: on Christmas Day 1648, a wealthy Spanishman freed his black slaves, who celebrated dancing around the Nativity scene. Today, this celebration features the Cofradias de los Negritos (Brotherhood of the Slaves), who march through the streets dancing and showing their colorful costumes until they reach the Nativity scene where they wait for the arrival of the Baby Jesus.

Epiphany – January 4th – 7th

Province of Huancavelica, District of Huancavelica Huancavelica
Considered the most complete and typical popular festival, it is the representation of the journey the Three Wise Men took to Jerusalem. The highlight is the dance of the pastorcitos (little shepherds) in front of the Church of San Francisco and the Quichka Machu, a wise and grotesque character.
Founding of Iquitos / 5th January
Province of Maynas, District of Iquitos. Loreto
A joyful celebration with civic parades and parties that everyone participate in.

Anniversary of the founding of Lima / 18th January
Plenty of civic-cultural activities take place such as parades, singing, and fireworks.

Ch’iaraje / 20th January
Province of Canas, District of Yanaoca (Community of Checa). Cusco
A ritual fight among the people of the communities of Checa and Quehue who struggle against each other in war games to stimulate the fertility of the land. The winning community receives the larger portion of land. The men are armed with slings, leather whips, and sticks and dress in vests decorated with flowers. The women assist by caring for the horses, collecting stones, and cheering for the men with songs.

Festival of the Niño Dulce Nombre de Jesus or the “Lost Child” – January (variable)
Province of Huancavelica, District of Huancavelica Huancavelica
It commemorates the search for the boy Jesus who was found by his parents in the Temple with the Teachers of the Law. The celebration that includes songs and dances stretches out for four days. There is the fantastic competition among the dancers of the Negritos that happens through the main streets of the city.

Complete and updated information in:   www.deperu.com/calendario/